One person managed to steal a trailer, but it wasn’t any kind of trailer -- it happened to be the trailer containing a Railmaster Antique train. 

The trailer is not small by any means, measuring about 25 feet in length. It is registered in New York state, with a license plate number BP11016. 


The trailer (and train) was stolen on November 21 from 100 Lee Street. The current suspect is someone driving an SUV that may have also been a Hummer H3. 

Thanks to the Buffalo Police Department, here is a picture from the surveillance footage.


The antique train in question is a 1950s orange Railmaster antique child’s ride-on train. It is worth thousands of dollars, approximately $25,0000 -- according to the Buffalo Police Department. 

The Western New York Railway Historical Society is requesting the public’s help with searching for the culprit.

Help the authorities catch this thief in their tracks. If you have any information about the stolen trailer or the antique train, the police ask you to contact the A District at 851-4415, or Crime Stoppers at 867-6161. Don’t forget, we are on 10 digit dialing now, so you will need the area code. 

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