One radio station's morning show in Buffalo is facing backlash after comments made on a Wednesday morning show.

According to a recording of the Morning Bull podcast shared on Twitter, a 97 Rock Morning Bull show DJ made racist comments on Wednesday, comparing toast to black women's skin tone on an episode of the podcast. That podcast has since been removed.

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As a result of the comments and social media backlash, Roswell Park and the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation said they have pulled marketing affiliations with the station, saying it conflicts with their values and culture.

You can read the statement below.

Also, Pegula Sports and Entertainment said late on Wednesday afternoon that one of the DJ's on the podcast, Rich Gaenzler, has been terminated from duties hosting in-arena activities for the Buffalo Sabres and Bandits.

According to WKBW's Gilat Melamed, Rob Lederman (who made the comments), has been terminated from The Morning Bull show. The remainder of the show has been suspended.

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