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Wow. That's a bold statement when you considered how many other cities in this country alone that take pride in the size of their celebrations and culture. So why does Buffalo rank number one? Well, Buffalo had the highest score based on numerous factors that WalletHub studied for the largest 200 cities in the US. You can look over the methodology and their full report HERE. In a report sent to us by WalletHub, here is the layout for Buffalo and where it stands in St. Patricks Day Celebrations.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Buffalo (1=Best, 100=Avg.):

  • 21st – % of Irish Population
  • 7th – Irish Pubs & Restaurants per Capita
  • 24th – ‘Access to Bars’ Grade
  • 11th – St. Patrick’s Day Parties & Festivals per Capita
  • 1st – Avg. Price of St. Patrick’s Day Party Ticket
  • 42nd – Avg. Beer Price
  • 34th – DUI Fatalities per Capita
  • 49th – Lowest Price for Three-Star Hotel on St. Patrick’s Day

When you combine all of these factors with their assigned "points" Buffalo comes out on top followed by Madison, Wisconsin, Boston, Massachusetts and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This is not the first publication to mention Buffalo as a top destination for St. Patrick's Day. This is HUGE for the city and proves what Buffalonians have known all along about the city's ability to throw a good party.

In general what does the layout of St. Patrick's Day look like to Americans? WalletHub shared these facts with us.

St. Patrick’s Day Facts

  • $1.22 Million – Market value of a leprechaun’s pot of gold, which contains 1,000 gold coins weighing 1 ounce each.
  • 13 Million – Pints of Guinness that will be consumed worldwide on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • $5.3 Billion – Amount that will be spent collectively on St. Patrick’s Day 2017 (or $38 per person celebrating).
  • 72 Minutes – Interval at which alcohol-related car crashes claim a life on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • $3,762 – Cost of an Uber ride from Boston to Dublin, Ohio (versus up to $24,000 for the total DUI cost). Hopefully, Uber will in Buffalo sooner than later!

Buffalo's St. Patrick's Day celebration kicks off this weekend with the parade and will continue through next weekend! Get your green, Guinness and corned beef ready for the party! What a time to live in Buffalo! It is always growing on a national scale and big draws like holidays and things-to-do is only going to help!


Source: WalletHub

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