There are a lot of strange laws in our state about what you can and cannot do.  But what would Buffalonians turn into laws if they could?

Laws are important.  They should be a representation of what is and what isn't socially acceptable.  No doubt, there are a lot of important issues that need to be worked out in our country.  These things...are not them.

We have some ridiculous laws already in this country.  For instance, did you know you could be fined for flirting?  Or that it's illegal to wear slippers after 10pm?  How about this one - in some areas, you have to purchase a license before hanging clothes on a clothesline.

These are all real laws.  They're real ridiculous, but they're real.  So why not try to come up with some laws that could be even more fun to enforce and would make our lives as Buffalonians even better?

These things are things that a majority of Buffalonians can agree that we would like to see someone else get in trouble for if they do them in public.  They're based around food, sports, driving, and really our culture as citizens of Buffalo, New York.

Again, they aren't important and it would honestly be annoying if our lawmakers were working on things like this instead of the real issues that are plaguing our country.  But we also need a little fun every now and then.  What laws do YOU think should be added to this list?

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