We are roughly ten months away from Christmas and even though that is a long time away, it is never too early to plan ahead, right? The sooner the better! However, some wait until the very last minute to find the right gift.

But when it comes to toys, there are some that never go out of style and if you can get them at a good deal, it is a win! Much like the garage sale scene in the movie Toy Story 2, perhaps you can find that gem at a local garage sale.


Toys that made movies famous are always cool. Woody, Buzz and others are beloved by kids everywhere! However, there are some movies that inspired toys and one of them is fetching some big money, if you can find the right buyer.

The original "King Kong" movie debut in 1933 and was set in New York City! Kids all over the country fell in love with the large gorilla and the toys that were created in his image! Check out this one below that is up for bid. This toy, for the right buyer, could get you over $600!

Vintage Marx Toys The Mighty Kong King Kong Battery Operated Vintage Tin Toy


We have three sons and a little girl is on the way this May. The amount of toys that they have is almost embarrassing. If you have kids, you probably have piles of toys and ask, "why did we get them so many"? If your kids are grown up, you also might be asking, "what do we do with these toys"?

Much like Andy's mom in the Toy Story series, you can donate them to a local day care or sell them at your next yard sale. The best thing to do is take inventory and see if you have any that are worth some money or perhaps see of someone is willing to pay good money for them.

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