When I was a kid, my older sister and her family briefly lived in Gowanda. Every other weekend my dad and I would drive down to visit her and my nephews. We would often take the 219 down to Gowanda, then back up the 219 on the way home to Amherst.

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Our trips back would sometimes be at night, and there are spots down the 219 where the city of Buffalo can be clearly seen and its beautiful.

There's one photo taken of the city of Buffalo from the 219 in Boston, NY that is simply amazing.

Check this out, courtesy of Step Out Buffalo.

If you've never taken a long trip down the 219, I would definitely do that at some point, because the views from there are pretty cool and it's even better at night.

Are there any other parts of Western New York that give you a really cool view of downtown Buffalo? Let us know!

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