We all know that people are different and that we all learn different ways. One teacher has come up with a great idea to help kids learn using their strengths while remote learning.

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With many schools in Western New York are using either a Hybrid model or Remote Learning model to start the Fall School year, teachers are becoming more creative to help kids learn using their strengths instead of one size fits all.

I know my son Avry is a "hands-on" learner and he is excited he will have a chance to be in a classroom twice a week. This definitely has eased the stress level for him as get gets ready to return to school. But, what about the other 3 days where we will have school from home?

One teacher has come up with a great idea. She has created different work rooms for her class. So if a child needs time with the teacher, they can get it. If they prefer to work and talk with classmates, that is a different workroom. If they want to work with classmates but want a quiet room, they can choose a room where students only use a chat feature, and they can choose to work alone.

These options will allow students to pick a room that works best for them for that particular lesson.

How cool is this idea?

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