Buffalo is proud of a lot of things. Our residents, local businesses, our sports (Bills and Sabres), and yes, food.

Chicken wings are the number one food that Buffalo is known for. There are so many unbelievable bars and restaurants that serve up authentic wings in Western New York.

Every Buffalo restaurant serves their wings with blue cheese and celery. Carrots could also be included, but blue cheese and celery are always part of the dish.

It’s an unwritten rule in Western New York that you do not order ranch with your wings. It’s ALWAYS blue cheese.

There was a viral tweet this week that showcased wings but not in Buffalo, not with blue cheese, and in a horrifying mixture.

The University of Miami (FL) is selling a vanilla milkshake with chicken wings, ranch, and hot sauce at their game this weekend. Yes, really…

The tweet was as they say, “ratioed.”

That means that more people replied and quote tweeted it than actually liked it.

Western New York and Buffalo Bills fans responded in great numbers to show their displeasure with the concoction.

Wings and ranch is bad enough…but in a milkshake? With hot sauce?

At first I thought the ranch dressing was the base for the dish — wings in a cup of ranch, essentially. But then I realized it was in fact a vanilla milkshake with wings and ranch.

I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, but that right there is a big ol’ “no” from me.

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