After he completed his framing class it was the perfect time to hit Clay up for a project!

My sister is all sorts of crafty and that is something I am not! So when she repurposed and old side table into a Lego table for her friends son I was obviously impressed. Our little cousin is currently obsessed with Legos so she suggested I head off and perform a Flea Market Flip myself. After I got done laughing, it dawned on me that instead of trying to perform a miracle that I could ask Clay for some help! I showed him what my sister had done and he just started! It turned out awesome!!!

Clay's Etsy shop will be opening shortly so make sure you have your orders ready! LOL 

Vaughn LOVED it and couldn't wait to find his Legos to use it (they just moved into a new house). His Christmas came early because wrapping this puppy would have been a chore!


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