Are you one of those people who bring Halloween to the workplace?  Do you dress up in costume?  Are you still in need of an idea? LOL   Here are a couple of cool ideas for workplace appropriate costumes!

1. Who couldn't use a day off from work?...Right?  Well, you could be just that....a "day off".  With black lettering, write "October 30th, 2011 or even November 1st, 2011 on an orange t-shirt.  When co-workers ask you what you are...say "A Day Off."


2. Be a vending machine-Wear all black and stick a bunch of snacks to yourself with the price taped on as well.  Put an "out of order" sign on the real vending machine (added evil bonus).  Make the team pay you for the treats, just like a vending machine should!


3. Pink slip- wear a pink slip over your clothes and chase other workers around the office.  Watch'em scatter


4.  Office Gossip- Create silly stories about each of your co-workers.  Next, fasten those stories to your clothes and put the name of a grocery store tabloid on a hat.  Then, just hang around the break room and let everyone read the latest news.



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