On Friday morning, the news that many parents have been waiting for officially came.

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According to WIVB, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced during his phone conference that schools in New York State can reopen this September.

However, Cuomo stated that they will monitor the infection rate and if there's an increase, they will revisit reopening.

“If there’s a spike in the infection rate, then we can revisit it…but for planning purposes, we can reopen,” Cuomo said during a phone conference on Friday morning.

Schools have been asked to submit their remote learning plans as well. School districts submitted their initial reopening plans before August 1st.

The infection rate in the state is looking extremely promising, as one percent of the 70,000 COVID-19 tests given out on Thursday came back positive,

Cuomo continues to say that schools need to have open communication with parents and teachers, so they can feel comfortable sending their children back to school.

Are you comfortable sending your child back to school this fall?

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