The other day, I had a pretty intense conversation with a co-worker in the offices at WYRK...okay, it wasn't that intense but a fun debate we had about "ketchup," of all things.

The question raised was, "is it acceptable to put ketchup on a hot dog?"

I'm definitely team ketchup. Not only do I enjoy the condiment on hot dogs but its great on burgers, fries and a number of other starchy foods I eat frequently. My co-worker said, "nobody puts ketchup on a hot dog." Another friend said, "why would you ruin a good hot dog with ketchup?"

Photo Credit: Chris Owen
Photo Credit: Chris Owen

That's not to say other condiments aren't good, as mustard is also a great choice to compliment a good dog but what is so wrong with ketchup? I see people all the time who use ketchup on their hot dog, yet so much hate for it too!

A Sahlens hot dog with ketchup and mustard is heaven if you ask me.

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