A few people here at WYRK were discussing (or should I say, arguing) what is the more proper term for carbonated, flavored beverages: "pop" or "soda"?

Of course, either is right; after all, the drink's long name is "soda pop."

But here in Buffalo, from my own experience, we without a doubt say pop. I know many regions in the country say soda and even different portions of New York State will prefer saying soda.

Saying pop just sounds easy and natural. I mean, it IS in the name, soda POP. For some reason, like ranking candy bars, it sparks a heated debate!

One rationale brought up is that whatever term you grew up with, that's what you will always refer to it as and yes, my household growing up was a strictly a pop upbringing.

What do you call it? Pop, right?


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