Have you ever left a drink particularly water in a plastic bottle in your car on a hot summer day?  I’m guilty of that for sure.   Guess what?  It dangerous to do that.

A guy in Idaho learned the hard way, describing the experience in a video that was uploaded to the Idaho Power Facebook page on July 13th, 2017.

The weather was hot that day and an unemptied bottle of water was on the passenger seat and like a magnifying glass, the water in the plastic bottle refracted the light from the sun, creating enough heat to set the truck’s passenger seat ablaze. That’s crazy!!  Imagine if this happened and you paper or flammable material near by.

Science Focus explains, “The sun’s rays bathe the Earth in a constant flow of thermal energy spread over square meter. While this is too dilute to ignite paper, wood, or other combustible substances, if the rays are focused, the flow of energy becomes concentrated enough to exceed the threshold for combustion.”

This morning when I got into my jeep I noticed a plastic bottle that I left from the day before…not going to do that anymore.

See the video and full story here

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