"I drove through the WORST parts of Buffalo, NY and this is what I saw".

When anyone ever says anything bad about Buffalo we go so defensive. But, I could not stop watching this video at all.

There is a guy by the name of Nick Johnson and he does documentary series where he explores some of the oldest rustbelt cities. He actually did not even start in the United States with this series. He actually started in Canada exploring some cities before making his way over to America. First up though on this side of the border is Buffalo, NY.

He "highlights" or I guess, "lowlights" some of the neighborhoods in Buffalo, Niagara Falls on the American side being less than attraction worthy, and others!

PEOPLE WERE TICKED when he posted the video and the comments came flowing in on Facebook and YouTube. Johnson took to social media to explain, like the headline for the video suggests, that this is not a video that is supposed to highlight the GOOD things about Buffalo, NY.

To answer the number of angry comments: FYI everyone in Buffalo - This video was a part of a series on rundown rust belt towns, which your city qualifies as. This was not a 'Buffalo is great let's see why' video, nor was it an 'Everything about Buffalo' documentary. There are plenty of those on the web already. So don't be so upset. Your city has come challenges, like most American cities. And it has some bad surrounding communities.

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