Firefighters were expressing how unhappy they were on Facebook the past couple of days after a press release from the Erie County Fair. It notified firefighters and veterans that there will no longer be parades for the firefighters and veterans. In addition, there will be no more dugouts available either.

Although the traditions are changing, the Erie County Fair is adding some new features for the firefighters and veterans, and there will be shelters available for gathering, although no alcohol will be permitted. Check out the press release from the Erie County Fair and some of the comments from the firefighter community below!

2022 Erie County Fair

August 10 - 21, 2022

"Certainly, much has changed in our world over the past several years. Consistently, our EC Fair Board has taken the position that the safety of our patrons is paramount. While the Veterans Day and Firefighters Day parades and infield dugouts were an annual
a tradition for many years, the security and liability concerns have necessitated the need to no longer have the parades and infield dugouts as part of our program and begin new traditions to express our gratitude to our Veterans and Firefighters."

What a slap in the face to the VOLUNTEERS that sacrifice their time to give FREE coverage to the fairgrounds. Let’s hope they’re not all too busy that week…


I will celebrate my father's 51 years (and still going) as a volunteer firefighter in other ways now. Bye-bye Erie County Fair....


I say we book all of the shelters at Chestnut Ridge park and invite the public out for some hot dogs and hamburgers and show the fair how much money they are losing from doing this. Every fire company could have a “dugout” (shelter) and we can keep the camaraderie between the men and women in the fire service.

The days that honor those that serve will still be happening at the Fair. There will be FREE admission on certain days and those free tickets will be available like they were last year, online or right at the Erie County Fair gates.

Here are the days that honor our service men and women:

  • August 12 - Firefighters and Aux Members
  • August 14 - Veteran's, Active Military, and Aux Members


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