The Meteorologists aren't mixing words about this upcoming storm.  There is now a blizzard warning and schools are closing early.

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A bunch of kids in Western New York are rejoicing today as they find out that their holiday break has just been extended by at least one day.

Most schools in Erie County will be closed on Friday 12/23 as Western New York braces for what many meteorologists are calling a "generational storm."  It's being compared to the Blizzard of '77 and the Blizzard of '85 (that was the "get a six pack and stay home" blizzard that made Jimmy Griffin a local legend).\

At 9am, the announcements began on Twitter:

These are just a couple of the schools that have already made their announcement on Twitter.  Click here to see the official closings thanks to William Mattar.

It feels like the right decision on their part.  Already a couple meteorologists have all but begged school districts in Western New York to close saying that it's going to be downright dangerous to have schools open.


The National Weather Service has now upped their forecasted amount of snow over the weekend to "up to 4 feet of snow."  The problem here seems to be the wind though.  That will start on Friday and could create the most dangerous situations including whiteouts and low visibility.

If you have plans to travel for the holiday this weekend already, you might want to have a backup plan in place.

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