One thing I've always wanted to be a part of is when people talk about Buffalo back in the day. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change anything about my life. I LOVE where I grew up and it will always be home and numero uno in my heart. However, one of the things I love about Buffalo is the pride and tradition that everyone holds tight to here. I think I love it because it reminds me so much of where I grew up. We're both rust belt cities and share the same's like my move here was meant to be!

I came across this video on YouTube of Buffalo in the 70's and it's complete with the 70's themed music. It's filled with pictures from 1970-79. Now I wan't around anywhere in the 70's but it's nice to see what it once was and see things that Clay and Dale mention all the time. It's not all pretty pictures but it does capture snapshots of Buffalo's past. I thought maybe everyone else might get a little kick out of it as well.

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