James Holzhauer's record winning streak was snapped yesterday on Jeopardy but a lot of people wanted to know why his final Jeopardy bet was so low.

James explained the low wager to The Action Network;

“I knew I could only win if Emma missed Final Jeopardy, as there was no way she wouldn’t bet to cover my all-in bet, So my only concern was getting overtaken by third place, and I bet just enough to make sure of locking him out. Betting big would have looked good for the cameras, but now I turn my straight bet (Boettcher misses) into a parlay (Boettcher misses and I get it right),”.

Holzhauer was $58,484 shy of Ken Jennings' all-time record winnings record.

You can see last night's Final Jeopardy down below.

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