Frankie Ballard recently tied the knot with Christina Murphy, and their wedding day was nothing short of magical, the singer tells Taste of Country.

After romantically proposing on a beach trip at sunrise, the couple knew they wanted to make it official soon after. Marrying on March 12, 2017, in a little white church in Texas, Ballard discusses the spiritual experience is wife had on their wedding day.

"Chrissy said that she said a prayer to God and asked what this day should be about, and this is a great example of what I'm talking about, how she's so special," he gushes. "And she felt like God told her that we need to set ourselves up for the best spiritual success."

Spirituality is something that's important to both individuals, with Ballard explaining that the wedding ceremony was about "our commitment and what it meant to us spiritually." "Honestly, the highlight for me was being able to stand up there and make those promises and feel that commitment all start to happen in front of those people and it was a very moving and special family moment," he says humbly, speaking of vowing his love for his wife in front of close family and friends.

The meaning of the big day was serious, but that doesn't mean the wedding wasn't fun. The couple's first dance was to John Prine's "In Spite of Ourselves," which the "You'll Accomp'ny Me" singer describes as the perfect blend of honesty and energy.

"We thought it was a humble representation of our attitude," Ballard says of the song, calling it "quirky" and "fun." "And plus, it kicks off the dance party." Though they hired a DJ, Ballard took it upon himself to create a playlist of songs that played from the cocktail hour through the final number, including roughly 200 songs he knew would get the crowd dancing.

The weather also played a unique role in the couple's special day. The singer reveals that it had rained pretty hard the day before their nuptials, leaving the ground soaked and muddy. But it didn't put a damper on the day — Ballard says it actually made it better. "We had like this intense, intimate party because the weather wasn't that great," he says. "So it was perfect."

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