Get ready for the Olympics with some free beer!

Opening ceremony in Rio begins Friday night and World of Beer at Walden Galleria is on a mission starting Aug. 5 through Aug. 21 to make 2016 the “Summer of the Beer Mile." To do so, they're going to hook you up with a free beer.

They're trying to take a funny stance to the Games that are coming up by arguing that the National Beer Mile should be an Olympic Sport. If you did the Buffalo National Beer Mile you know how hard it is (except for that one guy that was basically non-human and finished in about six minutes).

During the National Beer Mile, you have to run as fast as you can all while stopping four times to have a beer at each stop.

Here's the deal: you go to to sign a petition to get beer drinking declared as an official games "sport" and in return they're going to hook you up with a coupon for a free beer at World of Beer.