If you are anything like me you love getting things for free especially when it comes to food and drink.

This year 7-11 is bringing back free Slurpee day and you can get yourself a free Slurpee along with lots of other great deals.

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This year as part of the free Slurpee day, 7-11 is offering a free Slurpee to anyone who is a member of their 7rewards club. It is free to join and when you do you will get a coupon to redeem for a free small Slurpee anytime between now and July 11th.

A free Slurpee is not the only thing that 7-11 has planned for July 11th. As part of their free Slurpee day, the company will also be releasing a new mystery flavor.

Plus you will also have the chance to pick up a special 95th Slurpee day cup that will only be issued on July 11th.

Can't make it to a 7-11 on July 11th? 7-11 On July 11 your free Slurpee offer can be redeemed via 7NOW delivery. Yes, they will deliver a Slurpee to you.

Plus you will be able to take advantage of special deals on all their grill items. From the Big Bite hot dog to slices of pizza, grilled items at 7-11 on July 11th will only cost one dollar.

You shouldn't have any trouble finding a 7-11 near you. There are several of them located from Hamburg up through Niagara Falls and everywhere in between here in Western New York.

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