Our first St, Jude Radiothon that we held raised more than $300,000 thanks to your generosity. We are very competitive people and are already finding ways to surpass that mark next year.

When you visit WYRK at the Erie County Fair this year, stop by gate #5 (near Clark St) and look for Dale Mussen's "On the Scale with Dale."

For just a dollar donation to St. Jude, Dale will guess EITHER your weight or your birth month.  We will keep a running order of the totals and if Dale should lose, he will have to do some sort of farm related clean-up at the fair like wash a cow, kiss a cow or help cleans a horse stahl.

The real winner will be the kids at St. Jude as all the money we raise from this game and the sale of our #WYRKATTHEFAIR tattoos goes directly to our Country Cares for Kids Radiothon on WYRK.

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