Today is National Hot Dog Day.  To celebrate, Ted's Hot Dogs is offering a golden keychain!  We wish more companies could do it too.

Did you know that hot dogs were originally called dachshund sausages because they resembled the long bodies of a dachshund breed?  It was later shortened to hot dog.  There's a long history behind these things...and today is the day to celebrate them.

Here in Buffalo, Ted's Hot Dogs is doing another special promotion to give away their famous "Golden Keychain!" Have you heard about this thing?  It's essentially a buy one, get one free deal that  you can use for the rest of your life!  This is a very exclusive club.  There are literally only a handful of these in circulation.

All you have to do is head into one of their restaurants today to get signed up to win one.  Can you even imagine free hot dogs for the rest of your life?!?

That got us thinking...if you can get free hot dogs for life in Buffalo, what other companies do we wish we could have a golden keychain for?  Some of them stood out right away.  I mean, buy one/get one coffee sounds pretty good.  But then we started thinking even bigger...

Tim Hortons Golden Keychain – Get one free coffee for every coffee you purchase for life

Consumers Beverages Golden Keychain – Get one free case of beer for every case of beer you purchase for life

Bar Bill Golden Keychain – Get one free order of wings for every order of wings you purchase for life

Buffalo Bills Golden Keychain – Get one free ticket for every ticket you purchase for life

West Herr Golden Keychain - Get one free vehicle for every vehicle you purchase for life

Just to be clear...none of these things actually exist.  But we can dream, can't we?  What company in Buffalo do YOU wish had a "Golden Keychain" offer that you could win?

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