College kids have been drinking for what seems like forever.  But for one student from Williamsville, it was deadly and a new graphic documentary shows just how dangerous it can be.

Nolan Burch was a freshman at West Virginia University.  He had just graduated from Canisius High School and had moved 300 miles to take on what was next.  He was excited about college life and told his family and friends how much he loved it.

However, his life was soon taken away.

Five years ago this week, Nolan Burch died in a hazing incident at Kappa Sigma fraternity.

His parents have since made it their mission to make sure that no other family has to ever suffer they way they have suffered.  That's why they have teamed up with film makers to release a documentary that shines a light on the last hour of his life.

It is graphic to watch but his parents say they wanted it to open eyes.  They were looking for the gut punch that this 35 minute film provides.

While talking to WGRZ, Nolan's dad said that it was the only way they were going to make the point they needed to make.

"The harsher the better.  We want to show (students) what really, really happened here.  That's the only way that we're going to learn and this is going to stop." - T.J. Burch (Nolan's dad)

The film was produced by City Drive Entertainment Group and WVU.

WVU was fully in support of the documentary and has shown it to it's students.  Along with the Burch family, they hope this video will be shared all over the country to show the dangers of hazing and help students to know what they should do if a situation like this ever arises again.

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