If you are going to watch fireworks to celebrate Independence Day this week, bring your camera or grab your phone and use these tips to get a clear shot of the action!

One of the most difficult things to take a picture of is the exact moment when the firework explodes and display the shower of sparks.

According to the experts at Nikon, there are a few things to remember when snapping a photo of fireworks with a camera.

  • Use a tripod.
  • Use a cable release or wireless remote to trigger the shutter if you have one.
  • Turn on Long Exposure Noise Reduction.
  • Shoot the highest quality file you can. NEF is ideal.
  • Set the camera to a low ISO, such as 200.

For those of you who will pull out your phone to capture the moment, Techlicious.com has these tips.

  • Use The Landscape Mode
  • Turn off Your Flash
  • Use a Tripod




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