Let's be honest.  Doing little girls' hair isn't something that most dads specialize in.  But here's a great reason why it should be...

Have you ever seen a little girl's pony tail after a dad did it?  You can almost always tell when it was a dad.  Some of them are pretty good at it.  But for the most part, us dads come up short in the hair department.

However, I found this video on facebook of a guy that calls himself the hair dad.  He was forced to learn how to do his daughter's hair after losing his wife...and because of that was able to make so many more memories with his daughter.

It really makes you wonder what your relationship could be with your kids if you step out of your comfort zone and just try to do something with them because it's for them.

Don't skip your son's dance class because you would have preferred that he was a baseball player.  Your daughter wants to be a football player or learn how to fix a car?  Help her to do that because it's going to make her a better human.

It feels like too often, moms step up and take their kids to sports, or boy scouts because it's what her kids want to do.  They don't sit back and say, that's what dads do.  But you do see the opposite.  Dads often don't play dress up or do their daughter's hair because "that's what moms are for," right?

Your kids will love you for it.  Dads...don't do it for your wife, or even just for your daugher.  Do it for your relationship with your little girl.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Learn to do your daughter's hair.

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