I've lived in Buffalo my whole life. After a while, you just get used to the foods that are readily available here. There's really no other city like Buffalo when it comes to the food and drinks; and of course, the people.

The number of local places here is astounding and the number of pizza places is astounding. Seriously, it's incredible. More about that in a minute.

If you ask most people "what's the pizza capital of the U.S.?", they'll likely say New York City. Some will say Chicago, there's also New Haven and Old Forge, but New York City is usually the answer people give you.

Buffalo should have a legitimate argument for the "pizza capital" of America though, and it mainly has to do with the number of pizzerias here.

New York Upstate reports that Buffalo in 2018 had over 600 pizzerias that served a population of just over 250,000 people.

New York City has about 1,600 pizzerias for over 8.5 million people.

Buffalo has one pizzeria for every 428 people (as of 2018). New York City's is about one pizzeria for every 5,300 people.

Yes, Buffalo has more pizzerias per capita than New York City. Granted, New York City is huge (largest market in the United States), but the fact that roughly the 60th biggest market has far more pizzerias per capita, says something.

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Even national chains such as Pizza Hut and Papa Johns serve a slightly thicker crust and sweeter sauce with their pizzas. Are they copying Buffalo-style?

What makes Buffalo-style pizza, though?

A slightly thicker crust (similar to Detroit-style), sweeter sauce, cup-and-char pepperoni, and toppings that extend to the edge of the crust -- think of classics here such as Bocce Club, Imperial, and Picasso's.

Pizza is a very divisive subject. Any "food take" will cause an argument, let's be honest, but pizza is a whole other ball game. There's no doubt that Buffalo deserves a seat at the table for best pizza towns in the country.

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