Hunter Hayes wanted to make his fans a little extra happy during CMA Music Fest in Nashville last week. The singer built a secret stage and wowed a large group of fans with a set of six energetic songs.

Fans flocked to just outside of Nashville's Schermerhorn Symphony Center, filling the symphony's steps and surrounding areas. They were delighted when Hayes came leaping onto the stage with his band.

Hayes welcomed the crowd with a lively "Nashville!" then asked everyone to "forgive me, we have people from everywhere." He quickly changed it to "CMA Fest!" thanking everyone for coming and saying he doesn't feel like he truly got to play enough during the festival. The Louisiana native then broken into 'Storyline' before making sure the audience was ok with the band playing a few more songs (which, of course, they were).

Hayes played 'Wild Card' next telling everyone, "it's nice to jam a little bit" once again letting everyone know just how thankful he truly was for them. Hayes' next song was 'Invisible,' one that is very near and dear to his heart. He was even more grateful for the song's success saying, "I'm happy you guys made it so" because it made him feel like he was doing something right.

He brought his brand spankin' new single 'Tattoo' to the performance and the crowd was very pleased. He said he was singing "about something I know nothing about." The fun single is about that falling in love forever feeling that makes you think "your name would be a perfect tattoo."

Hayes ended the show with 'Wanted,' and 'I Want Crazy,' but during one of them he made a teeny tiny mistake. Hayes showed his ability to make fun of himself saying, "It's cool. Don't Worry, we're professionals" as he laughed. Before saying goodbye to the crowd he stopped to take a selfie and ended the show by saying "God bless you, CMA Fest."

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