Is it art or an invasion of privacy? Photographer Arne Svenson has introduced a new collection of photos at the Chelsea Gallery, and the people in the pictures are furious. Their faces aren't shown, but they know it’s them.

The pictures were taken from across the street from a new apartment building featuring floor-to-ceiling windows. With a telephoto lens, pictures of people napping, having breakfast, cleaning the floor...even pictures of kids!...were taken without their permission.

The exhibit is called “The Neighbors”. And now comes word some of the neighbors are considering legal action.

So the question is, is it illegal? Even though the faces of the neighbors are not shown, when you’re in your own home, you should have some reasonable expectation of privacy. But these people are in full view of everybody outside. There are no curtains or shades. Svenson is taking pictures of what he already sees out his window.

If it does go to court it'll be interesting to see how it plays out. What do you think?