Pizza is a big deal in Western New York and these spots might be ones you are sleeping on.

When it comes to pizza in Buffalo, Western New York, and the Niagara region you have what seems like endless options. There's a pizza place everywhere you look. Literally. While most towns in the US might have 1 pizzeria, most towns in Western New York have several. Buffalo has 17.8 pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents and well over 600 shops in the region. What's even more impressive is the overwhelming majority of them are local small businesses and not chain restaurants.

That's a lot of pizza. It's also a lot of styles

Buffalo Style Pizza

It's a bit of a controversial style to many outside of Buffalo. It's a medium-thick (although some would argue it's thick) soft and light crust with a sweet tomato sauce and plenty of cheese. It usually features a large amount of cup and char pepperoni vs traditional pepperoni. This often makes it a greasier, but delicious, pizza. One slice of Buffalo-style pizza is much heartier than a New York slice, but not as heavy has a Chicago Deep Dish or Detroit Style.

Pizza began in Buffalo at Santora's Pizzeria Napolitano in 1927. They are the originators of Buffalo-style pizza and still operate, albeit not at their original location. We'll talk more about them later in this article. Many have followed, and succeeded, in creating their own takes on Buffalo-style pizza. Most famously Bocce Club and La Nova who make excellent Buffalo-style pizza, have both remained open for a long time and do a fantastic job of marketing.

Now, are these the best Buffalo-style pizzerias? That's of course up for debate. As discussed there are plenty of spots to get pizza in Buffalo and several who do it well. These 3 are always, and rightfully, in the conversation. However, we;re not here to talk about the best. We are here to talk about the underrated. At least, form my point of view as a born and raised WNY'er who loves pizza.

The Other Western New York Style of Pizza

It's not just the Buffalo style that you find in Western New York that is unique to the region. Niagara Falls-style pizza is also very popular. According to The Craft Kitchen and Bar, Falls-style pizza has a thicker crust and is pan-baked, but has the sauce on top of the cheese. It's very similar to an old-school, traditional tomato pie The sauce is more traditional compared to Buffalo Sweet sauce as well. Many find it different, but it's delicious.

Other Styles of Pizza Found in Buffalo

Just because Buffalo and the Falls have their own style doesn't mean it's the only style found here. New York style, Neapolitan, Detroit, Sicilian, Chicago deep dish and bar pies, and allegedly Apizza New Haven style can all be found in WNY. I say allegedly for NE Haven style because I have struggled to find a place here that actually does it. Usually, pizzerias in Buffalo that say they have New Haven style are just serving Neopolitan. That's fine, but it's not Apizza.

5 Most Underrated Pizzerias In Western New York

To be clear, this is my, the author's, opinion. The goal is to get you to try new places you may have never visited, or give them a try if it's been a while. There are TONS of pizza places in WNY that are underrated. The ones I am listing below I have eaten, and would love you to try them as well.

I am ALWAYS open to trying new pizza and will likely update this list as time goes on. Let me know who I should try: Pat

Here are, in my opinion, the 5 Most Underrated Pizzerias In Western New York

5 Most Underrated Pizzerias In Western New York

Pizza is a big deal in Western New York and these spots might be ones you are sleeping on.

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