Buffalo knows their food. Pizza and wings are our specialties. But, wouldn't you say that we know our subs pretty well? After all, we can AT LEAST claim and confidently say that nobody in the United States of America knows a chicken finger sub like Buffalo, New York does. Or even a Stinger sub for that matter as well.

Well, one of the big national sub chains are coming to Western New York.

Jersey Mike's Subs

1575 Niagara Falls Blvd

Amherst, NY 14226

Jersey Mike's Subs is coming to Amherst by the end of next week. The chain first brought a location to Western New York when it started in Hamburg back in 2020. Hamburg's Jersey Mike's location is 3670 McKinley Parkway.

Everyone has their favorite sub place in Western New York, but the growing chain

According to their website, there are over 2,100 locations all across the United States of America. They have over 200 more locations opening up and in the works. Jersey Mike's subs is the second largest sub chain in the United States right by behind...of course, you guessed it: Subway.

The new location is next to the wildly popular Crumbl Cookies that has become extremely popular in Western New York. Have you ever heard of Crumbl yet? It is easily the number one cookie spot in Western New York. If you have not jumped on this cookie-hype here in Buffalo yet, you're probably thinking "well, this is just a cookie". No...WRONG. They are the best cookies on earth. Crumbl is the cookie and dessert place that has arrived in Western New York a few months ago and it has taken off on social media.

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