Late on Tuesday night, during Jimmy Kimmel Live!, there was a big donation to an organization and it's for one right here in Buffalo.

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According to WKBW, Jimmy Kimmel regularly makes a donation of his guest's choice and on Tuesday, guest and actor Mark Ruffalo chose that donation to go to PUSH Buffalo.

Ruffalo chose PUSH Buffalo because of the work being done in the city of good neighbors to transform a polluted industrial city to a city with solar energy projects, low-income housing and alternative food growth.

Ruffalo himself, founded an organization called "The Solutions Project." The organization brings clean and renewable energy to "under-served" regions and areas. It also reallocates grant money to those communities and granting money to organizations led by women of color.

PUSH Buffalo is led by Rahwa Ghirmatzion, who is an African-American immigrant.

"It's one of the most exciting cities in the United States right now for their resilience," said Ruffalo.

It's not known exactly how much money Kimmel or Ruffalo will be donating but it's still cool that an organization here was selected.

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