Josh Allen and his movie-star Hailee Steinfeld girlfriend were in Mexico over the weekend to attend one of Josh Allen's BFFs weddings, Kyle Allen. They have the last name ironically, so no they are not related. But, the paparazzi was all over the couple while they were enjoying their time.

All over social media, they were commenting about the throwback-vibe-style that Josh and Hailee were wearing. Josh wore a seaweed green suit and Hailee wore a black dress.

Recently, the couple ventured to Mexico for the wedding of Allen’s former teammate, Kyle Allen, and his fiancée, Summer Juraszek, which took place on June 21 in Cabo.


This event also saw the attendance of Allen’s ex-girlfriend, Brittany Williams, who remains closely connected to the social circle of Bills players and their partners due to her friendship with Juraszek", according to

Take a look of the pics of Josh Allen and Hailee at the wedding here.

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Buffalo Bills Mafia Bus For Sale For CHEAP

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