This fall, we will have several dinosaur sightings in downtown Buffalo. 

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Don’t be scared, though. It’s all because the Jurassic World Live Tour is coming to town from Friday, October 21st through Sunday, October 23rd. 

Jurassic World Live Tour Coming To Buffalo, New York

The hugely successful Jurassic Park film franchise has once again taken the world by storm over the past few years. The series is estimated to have grossed over 6 billion dollars worldwide and has created an entirely new generation of fans.

(Personal preference, though - I still think the very first Jurassic Park movie is the best. Who doesn’t remember the iconic jello scene?)

Now, you’ll get the chance to see the massive stars of the movie in real life. 

According to the Jurassic World Live Tour website, the show's plot is to “join forces with a team of scientists to unravel a corrupt plan to save Jeanie, a Troodon dinosaur, from a terrible fate.”

They also promise you’ll be face-to-face with other iconic dinosaurs like a Raptor, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and of course, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Where To Get Tickets For The Jurassic World Live Tour

Each show will be downtown at Key Bank Center. One show is on Friday, October 21st at 7 pm, three shows on Saturday, October 22nd  at 11 am, 3 pm, and 7 pm, and two on Sunday, October 23rd at 12 pm and 4 pm

Tickets aren’t cheap - they start at $85 plus fees, but it might be worth it for a chance to see a massive “dinosaur” up close. You can grab them here.

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