TIME released its second annual list of the 30 most important people on the Internet today (March 15), and one of entertainment's most polarizing celebrity couples -- Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -- earned themselves individual spots.

Citing Kanye's Twitter feed as “just as provocative — if not more so — than his music,” TIME notes that while many of his posts are controversial, Kanye also uses his platform to critique the fashion and music industries. His Twitter has also served as a fairly efficient promotional tool for his latest album The Life of Pablo, which is proving to be an eternal work-in-progress.

Kim, meanwhile, sparked an Internet-wide debate about empowerment with the posting of a single nude selfie — and that’s just what she’s managed within the past two weeks. Kim is followed across various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and now Snapchat) by over 120 million people, debuted an enormously popular app game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and continues to be hugely influential.

Other big names listed include J.K. Rowling (who constantly engages fans online with new revelations about the Harry Potter universe), James Corden (whose late-night celebrity segments are creative enough to be widely shared online), Lele Pons (she’s been "credited with coining the phrase ‘do it for the Vine,’”), and Caitlyn Jenner.

TIME doesn't limit their list to entertainers, either: Johnetta Elzie and DeRay Mckesson are rightfully included, as they're two important voices in the Black Lives Matter movement, which gained significant traction online as well.

Josh Holz and Daniel Lara — the teens behind the “Damn, Daniel!” viral video — earned a spot, too, though their inclusion feels a bit premature considering how fleeting viral fame is.

Check out the entire list over on TIME’s website.

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