If you live in Attica, you might want to keep your eyes open for this lizard that is on the loose.  It shouldn't be hard to spot...it's pretty big!

Attica police are on the lookout for a sneaky lizard that was able to break free from its cage while their owner was changing apartments.

Its a Nile Monitor Lizard.  If you've never seen these things, they can get pretty large.  This one is no exception.  It's 4 1/2 long.

It escaped it's cage while they were moving and according to WKBW, when the owner tried to capture it, it climbed a tree.  Police have said that they have received reports that it made its way to Tonawanda Creek.  On Monday, a resident reported that it was in her back yard in the 200 block of Exchange Street.

You'll probably find it trying to get as much sun as it can.  They thrive in temperatures between 80-90 degrees

The good news is that they prefer to eat things like small rodents.  They don't want to eat you.  However, just like any animal in the wild, they will protect themselves if they are threatened.  Their bite can contain a venom that will cause a bacterial infection.  It's not normally fatal to humans, but it won't be pleasant.

So don't try to capture this lizard on your own.  Call the professionals that can handle something like this.  Contact the Attica police.  They are already in contact with the DEC and are working to bring it home safely.


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