As we go thru this life together, there are some unwritten life rules that we all have agreed to make this life easier.

For the 1st time ever, we are writing down these unwritten rules:

1. When you eat string cheese, you peel it, you don't just take bites.

2. When cutting a PB &J sandwich, you cut on a diagonal, never down the middle

3. When someone holds the door for you, you need to burst into a light job and rush to the door.

4. When pushing a crosswalk or elevator button, you need to push it several times.

5. If someone is wearing headphones in public, you don't talk to them.

6. When you are in a men's room, if possible leave one urinal between you and the other person.

7. When walking in a group, don't walk shoulder to shoulder and block the whole sidewalk.

8. When walking past someone with a dog, you must speak baby talk to it.

9. Let people off an elevator or train before you try to enter it.

10. If someone shows you a photo on their phone, don't swipe left or right.

What are some other unwritten rules you would add to the list?

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