A big fire was the cause of students being evacuated out of a dorm building at the University at Buffalo early this morning.

The fire started at 3:30 AM.

It was so dry outside yesterday but, the dumpster started the fire and was put out fairly fast. The fire spread to the building where over $300,000 of damage was caused. The students in Fargo were woken up and evacuated due to smoke.

It is important to note that nobody was hurt.

EXTRA: UB had to send an email to everyone living in one of the dorm complexes because there were so many instances of people urinating in the elevators. The email to the students read:

This behavior is unbecoming and unacceptable of UB students. The custodial staff works hard to keep all shared spaces clean, and it is entirely rude to internally create an unsanitary environment with behavior such as this. If this behavior does not stop, the entire building will be charged to cover the cost of cleaning.

You can see the entire notice here.

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