You've probably heard about medical malpractice before, but do you actually know what it means? To better understand what medical malpractice entails, I talked to Rich Barnes at The Barnes Firm, One of America's Largest Injury Law Firms focused on personal injury accidents, including medical malpractice.

Rich shared that medical malpractice is referred to as medical negligence. It is when a healthcare provider, whether it be a doctor, nurse or other Medicare provider, causes injury to a patient, and, where the injury may have been caused due to the failure to provide the type of care that is required in that provider’s area of medicine or expertise.

I also learned that medical malpractice is not just a case where things didn't turn out the way you hoped, as when surgery doesn’t turn out exactly as planned. Anyone who finds themselves requiring surgery should request or receive a list of potential risks associated with the surgery for review. It is the responsibility of the patient to review it thoroughly with their doctor and ask questions of the doctor prior to the patient giving consent to proceed.

However, medical negligence is known to be a complicated area of law since it requires evaluation by experts in the medical field in question.  It's generally very difficult to get local doctors involved in a case. Most attorneys will engage experts from elsewhere. Doctors and experts are required to evaluate and determine whether or not medical negligence is an appropriate course of action to pursue. From there, the attorneys and client can decide next steps.

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