Parents! It's all about making it FUN.

If you can make something FUN, you can get your kids to help with just about anything.

One single mom has 4 kids, all under the age of 11 years old and she called Clay and Company to tell her this Winter-strategy she has!

When it snows outside she has a game that she plays with the kids, but in reality she loves it because it gets her (mostly) out of shoveling the driveway! After a snowfall, she will go outside and take different colored snow paint and break up the driveway in 4 different quadrants and then gives each kid a shovel and the kid who finishes clearing the snow out of their area is the winner that receives a prize!

Now, of course if one kid wins, the rest probably will just give up and stop shoveling their area. So parents you may have to shovel at least a little, but at least the bulk of it is done for you!

**Clay and Company is giving away snow snow blower! The YOU SNOW IT'S COMING contest is everyone's favorite and it is back again for 2020. This week, starting November 2, when you hear the snow blower starting up sound during Clay and Company you call in and get a spot on our calendar. If it snows more than 2" at the Buffalo Airport on the date you were given, you win a brand new Deluxe snow blower from Lakeshore Hardware and Clay and Company!

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