Anyone who knows me, knows that weekends are best spent in Buffalo with friends at a local brewery. There are a ton of them to choose from as well.

Resurgence Brewing Company, Hamburg Brewing, Pressure Drop, Thin Man, Froth, 12 Gates, Big Ditch, Ellicottville Brewing Company, the list goes on and on. If you love local craft breweries, there will soon be a new one to visit and it's going to be in the heart of Buffalo.

Spotted Octopus Brewing will soon be opening its doors to customers before year's end and by the looks and sounds of the place, Buffalonians looking for a great drink will not be disappointed.

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They are located on 41 Edward Street and the signage has already been posted.

Some of the beers they have been teasing include a Pineapple Cream Ale and a Peach and Pepper beer, which sounds delightful.

You can clearly see the passion in what they're doing through their social media posts. It will be a kind of brewery that we don't have yet, too, with beer flavors you can't find anywhere else. That pineapple cream ale is what I want to try.

It's in a great location, too, right on Edward Street in downtown Buffalo.

There's currently no set opening date yet, but that should be coming shortly as they have most things in order by the looks of it. I cannot wait to try what they have to offer and go here with close friends on a Friday night.

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