Last year they were one of the most popular attractions at the fair and they are coming back swinging! The Exit Rooms will have multiple rooms for people to try and escape during the duration of the fair and you are going to love the new challenges they are bringing.

The Exit Rooms will have the Ancient Ruins and Fortune Teller back again but they have also added FOUR more escape rooms! That means you will have 6 different escape options this year that will keep you coming back until you complete all of them.

The new rooms sound awesome!

Superman Phonebooths and Houdini Cages take you on a head-on-head challenge. In the Superman Phonebooths, both players go in as Clark Kent and the first one to emerge with the cape of Superman will be the winner! In the Houdini Cages, you both enter replica jail cells, will you be able to escape faster than your opponent?

In the Nursery, players will enter a creepy nursery and will have to find the key to unlock the mysterious cursed toy box. If this is anything like their old stand-alone nursery escape room it will be amazing!

In the Army room, players will race against the clock to solve clues that will help you find the key to disarm a nuclear missile set to destroy everything around you!

As stated early The Exit Rooms were popular last year, so make sure as soon as you get to the fair you head over and book your time! The rooms will be located in Craft Village, outside of the Bazaar Building.

$6 person OR $5 if you do more than one room!

Learn more about The Exit Rooms HERE.

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