As if there is not enough stress on us these days, there are reports that the gas tax holiday here in New York State may be ending soon. As of the end of this month/year, New York's 17 cent relief on tax may be gone. Add that to the pressure of getting gifts at low prices in an inflationary market and it is the perfect stress recipe.

Wouldn't it be great if money was not what kept you up every night? Those bills and fees that pile up could be something you laugh at. Credit card debt is also at an all-time high and being able to payoff the bill in one shot would be a dream come true! Get ready, there is hope IF you have the right combination of numbers.

Tuesday's Mega Millions drawing is worth an estimated $354 million with a cash option of $186.9 million!

The holidays are a struggle but if you won even a portion of the lottery jackpot things would be a little easier. It sure would be nice if the officials in New York would help and extend the gas tax holiday. I recently paid $3.85 a gallon and an extra 17 cents would be brutal! Hopefully there is a Christmas or Hanukkah gift waiting for all of us at the capital in Albany this year.

Until then, dreams are free! Well the dreams may be free but a Mega Millions ticket will set you back a couple of bucks.

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