This place is all the hype right now. When you are starting to look for a wedding venue, you're probably taking a few things into account like, how many people can your venue hold and how much the price is, all while trying to find a unique and beautiful place to have it.

As you cruise into your mid to late 20s and go to all of your friends' weddings, you have probably been to the same wedding venue more than once. Now that it is your turn and YOUR wedding, you may want to look for a unique venue that you have never been to. There's a new one in Clarence called The Brickyard that has been starting to pick up steam---we got 2 different 'save the dates' for this location. Take a look at the picture below.

If you are looking for other unique wedding venues, there are a lot of cool new barn and rustic venues around Western New York. O'Brein's Sleepy Hollow, Arrowhead, The Seneca Ridge, Becker Farms, and The Gallagher are all some unique places to have a wedding.

The Brickhall in The Hollow

10750 Main Rd, Clarence, NY 14031

Holds just over 200 people. 

EXTRA: Yesterday during Clay and Company we found out that the average time that a couple is together before they get engaged is just over 2 years. As you can imagine, the more time that goes on, the percentages dropped. Only 2% of people were dating more than 10 years before they got engaged. Also, if you love these stats, here is one more for you. The average age that a woman gets engaged is between 23 and 24 and the average age for a man to get engaged is between 25 and 26.

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