New York State has forced over 100 stores all of the sudden all across the State.

You can't blame them either.

I think, for a change, New York State might be right, here. New York State finally allowed cannabis to be sold in New York State and some people took advantage of it. But, they found out that there was a TON of unlicensed cannabis being sold. There are some people that argue the ruling, but imagine if that was a grocery store and they were just selling random products in there without having any regulations.

New York State ended up seizing over 20 million dollars in unlicensed cannabis.

illicit storefronts were shut down across New York State according to today's announcement from Governor Kathy Hochul.


The state's Cannabis Enforcement Task was responsible for the closures, seizing more than 29 million dollars worth of illegal products. According to the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), legal sales of cannabis have increased by 27 percent thanks to strict enforcement by the Task Force and the state's commitment to closing unlicensed cannabis storefronts", according

READ MORE: New York State has banned a few things recently. It seems that people love to debate some of the decisions that New York State does, but this one seems to make sense. New York State banned grocery stores from selling muscle enhancements to minors in the State. There are certain products that grocery stores will have to ID for now. The new law went into effect into April 2024.

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