We're lucky in WNY, traffic can be insane but we're not spending hours in traffic every day. Which is exactly what inspired this device that can be put in a vehicle. It helps eliminate the sedentary life that a long commute can create. It's an exercise bike that fits into your car and makes you pedal to accelerate! But does this seem safe? The foot brake is gone and you use a handlebar brake!

Here's how it works:

With this device, you can burn 300 calories per 30 minutes in your vehicle! And according to the NY Post, the car can be driven in the three modes,

"Drive Fast” for highway speeds, “Drive Slow” for slow-moving traffic and “No Drive” for bumper-to-bumper traffic. Drivers can also opt-in for a harder workout via a rotary dial that controls the pedal resistance."

But it all comes back to the question, "Is this safe?" Would you want to have this exercise bike fitted into your car?

See the full story and learn more about the FitCat PPV here.

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