The summer of 2022 is going to bring higher gas prices than we have seen! Perhaps your family is staying home more often and have put a pool in the yard? There are some things that you need to know in New York State.

The hot weather is here and although the temperatures are not staying consistent, the kids will want to be in the pool at some point. But just like anything else, the bottom line is safety first. The main law that all pool owners need to be aware of in New York State is the fence laws and requirements.


(a) All swimming pools shall be enclosed within a fence or other barrier, at least four feet high, which can only be entered by bathers through self-closing and positive self-latching doors or gates. The knob or handle controlling the latch shall be at least 40 inches above grade. The gate or door shall be locked and access to pool prevented when the pool is not supervised.

But another law came about that you may not be aware of if you have owned your pool for longer than 10 years.

New York State adopted a new rule which required that all new pool installations or pools which undergo significant repairs must be equipped with a pool alarm which meets the standards of ASTM 2208.

A pool is a great place to make some memories and have family time together. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of people who have a pool in their yard has really taken off! There are some families who are on a waiting list to have their pool installed. Shipping issues, manufacture delays and lack of available workers has created plenty of delays.

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