You work so hard for your money but never seem to get ahead? That is the story for most hardworking people in New York State and across the country. Rising prices and inflation and higher interest rates are making life difficult as we struggle to stay above water or pay for the things we need the most.

Most of us dream of one day hitting it big. Finding that one thing that makes our financial worries go away and perhaps help out our friends and family. If you were not blessed with the ability or talent to be a professional athlete or famous singer or actor, you may be looking for some other type of luck to come your way?

The Powerball jackpot may be the answer we are looking for! Nobody won the most recent draw and that pushes the next jackpot to over $800 million! That is some insane money right there.

The cash payout will be right around $383 million! Just think of the things that you could do. Most people would payoff bills, help a charity and make sure friends and family are taken care of. But what about your legacy? This kind of money would be perfect to start a fund or scholarship fund to help people for decades to come. I think I would get things squared away for the people around me and set up savings for our sons.

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