"Public restroom." Perhaps no two-word phrase short of "I'm pregnant" can elicit such fright.

Your opinion of public restroom may change after you watch this insightful video, which does the service of showing public restrooms from all over the world.

So, if you think that bathroom at the dilapidated Shell station 15 miles off the highway that you had to stop at once was bad, you may change your tune after getting a glimpse of some of these (we're looking right at you, New Delhi).

We're surprised to admit it, but it's actually kind of neat to see what public bathrooms look like in different countries. It's an unlikely way to learn about other cultures and we're very pleased to see not one toilet was covered in carpet. That's a fad  we just don't need to make a comeback.

We're just wondering why the guy in this video failed to check out this high-end public restroom. C'mon, man, you missed a golden opportunity.

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